Hooten Financial Services

Here to serve you and your business needs.

Here for your business needs.

Employee Handbook:


Where do I start?

There are three organizations that work together

to support you and your business. 




We provide personal 1040 tax return filings with the IRS  through Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. 

Contact us toll free at 1-800-443-9400


Hooten Bookkeeping Services

We have Hooten Bookkeeping that provides the write up, consultation, and support services for your business’ needs. Contact us toll free at 855-BOOKKPG or 1-855-266-5574.


Hooten Tax Services

A premier service for those that are corporations, partnerships, not-for-profits, and estates.  At Hooten Tax Services we can help with IRS letters, IRS audits and other representation before the IRS.  We can provide best practices or other needs that you may have.  We have six Enrolled Agents and CPAs on staff around North East Texas ready to help you. 

Contact us at 1-855-HOOTENS or 1-855-466-8367.


Post Office Box 340

Emory Texas 75440


Directions to Headquarters

To contact us:

Phone: 855-558-HOOTENS

Fax: 888-632-2580

E-mail: hootentax@hootentax.com